Wednesday, November 22, 2006

JOURNAL: A Few Pics Before Bed

Just a quick entry before bed.

I opted out of Orlando tonight because I have a splitting migraine from sinuses supposedly... it's all kind of new to me, so I'm going by what others are saying... ooo, I need more drugs.

Anyways, work was fine today. I like my officemate. I was charmingly-fumbling again at Toastmasters - I was the grammarian, reporting on the other speakers' speech errors, and again I begin with:

    "Umm." (realizing) "Umm, Frick" (spins around)

It was fun and encouraging nonetheless.

I left a tad early because I was getting the punched-in-the-eye feeling again, accompanied by a migraine. A co-worker attributed my maladities to cold wind rushing around my head. I had to agree.

Once I got home, it was full-blown, and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to survive the night out of the house.

So I put away the laundry, had dinner (a sonic burger and some of the green bean casserole I made this morning), then got dressed for bed. Here's a pic of the green bean casserole:

Anyways, so it looks like bed-by-9pm. Race is in Deland at 8am tomorrow. Get there by 7:30am. 1 1/2 hour drive means leave by 6am. Wake up by 5am. 8 hours of sleep. Sounds nice. How my body will adjust to this? Not sure. Hopefully well. I may have to stop by Wal-Mart to pick up some more sinus drugs.

So it was a good day. I really get driven by the interactions I have by others, and today was good. Not over-the-top, but good. And though, I didn't get a whole lot done at work today, my time there was manageable. And happy memories of work are like money in the savings account.

Anyways, it was a particularly photogenic day. Take a look...

    Morning, before work

    Early Evening, after work

    Later Early Evening, reaching home

    Night, before bed

G'night, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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