Sunday, November 05, 2006

RUN: ~14+ friggin' miles, Wickham Park

1-mile loop inside park & 4-miles out-around park = 5.00 miles
1-mile loop inside park & 2x 1.33-mile park loop = 3.66 miles
3x 1.33-mile park loop = 4.00 miles
1x 1.5-mile park out-and-back = 1.50 miles

5.00+3.66+4.00+1.50 = 14.16 miles

I ran the first 6 miles (5+1) with Paul. The first 5 were at 8-min/mile pace, which was perfect for a long run for me. After that, we had a water/GU/rolled-banana break:

With the last mile, I went on for another couple laps before another water break. Then another 3, thinking that that'd make up my 13 miles. Me ready to head out:

The local Rotary Club was putting up Christmas decorations:

so I drove around taking pictures and measuring the path: ~1.33 instead of the 1.4 I was hoping for... so I parked and ran an out-and-back that would get me somewhere over 14. So back to the car:

I almost doubled my long run from last week (7 1/2 miles), so I resisted going for another mile.

Now I'm at work, putting in a couple hours... would've been more if friggin' Quizno's was open. Yeah, it all depends on food and hunger, which I'm totally feeling. I have a GU, which should hold me over for 45 minutes - so the package says... then no Disney (though I'm really feeling it). Tonight's a get-together at a Joel's condo. There's going to be performers from Cirque Du Soleil (La Nouba musicians): yet another reminder of how far along I'm not. Jealous? Yeah. Not so much the jealous-romantic... more the jealous-professional. But at this very moment, I'm doing well... all the endorphins from this morning's run session.

I still have pictures from yesterday's race to post (the SCC 15K entry will be ATF) and finances to sort figure. It's going to be another busy week, and I'm going to try to get out of Wednesday's physical therapy, though a massage before heading out for OGC practice would be fantastic... low pressure as far as an exit strategy would go.

After a frustrating day out interacting with people yesterday, I'm glad to have put myself to bed as early as I did: 7pm. 11-hours later, and with the encouragement of Paul, I got my much-needed, much-worried-about long run in for the week. Now, I've got to put in my 2-or-so hours at work, and that taste-of-a-sense-of-accomplishment before heading home (grabbing some very much needed FOOD on the way) to shower and prepare for the next outing -- "So Cedric, what have you been up to?" -- I'm SO going to try not to make it about me tonight... I'm playing numb. Drama? Of course, but am I going to spill it? No. Sorry. But I will say "DM".

Oh... (and this is from completely nowhere...) Doogie Howser's gay!... yeah, the exclaimation point was really unnecessary, but it's just because I'm happily amazed about how more and more celebrities are coming out and how less-of-a-deal it is: "Yep, I'm gay. So what?" (with the present but unstated "Up yours, Miss Cruise"). Come on, Clay. Who you foolin'?

Anyways, to work now. I can't wait to post more pics from this weekend. The pics from yesterday's race are already on my fotki site, so check those out if you really care to look at runners you probably don't know.

ADDITION: Yeah, so my couple hours at work is almost up. I'll probably go for a little extra credit because there's "just that much work..." (that's quasi-sarcasm right there). I really SHOULD go get something to eat, but it SHOULDN'T be too much longer here. I don't like staying in wet/sweaty clothes... diaper-rash issues and all, so I aleviated some of that concern: I'm not wearing any underpants! TMI? Good.

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