Monday, November 13, 2006

RUN: ~4.1 miles @ ~7:30 pace

Today was a good day at work. Time schedules were met, people were interfaced with, ideas were communicated, empathy abound, work was accomplished. I improved the office space by hanging up a framed picture of an orange South Carolina drawn and given to me as a graduation gift from my college speech professor. I also created some grids on the white dry-erase board using some black electrical tape that I cut length-wise. It looks really cool. Trust me, I'm Asian.

The day was very much helped by all of the positive interactions I had with people - either on the phone, in person, and online. I'm grateful that the company firewall still affords us talk through gmail and that it still allows me to update this blog.

I could have used a couple more hours of sleep or a little more food, but I made it through with the help of friends.

After work, I headed to Cocoa for the monthly Space Coast Runners board meeting. I listened to news on the drive up, and though traffic was pretty heavy all the way up on US 1, I didn't feel the need to road rage, and it ended up being a very, very, amazingly very calm and easy drive up. And I had enough time to stop by the Burger King and get a Whopper Jr. and small Coke Icee. I drove to the library and ate my dinner in the parking lot while listening to stories on NPR -- and it was a nice moment I had with myself there.

The meeting went well. I have to write up the minutes, but I usually give myself a week to do so... I may end up doing it at work on Saturday.

When I got home, I wanted to go for a run since I won't be making it out to practice on Thursday because JoJo is taking me out to the TLR Brevard fundraiser dinner that night.

But first, I called mom to see how her Fiesta night weekend went. There was a lot in that conversation, but I'll just say that she enjoyed Cindy and Shawn (and Camille) visiting, and that she was laughing and having a great time traveling with her girlfriends. My mom's the loud and crazy schoolgirl. She deserves those happy moments.

Okay, so I wanted to run. And I wanted music music. Thirty minutes of searching later, I found my iRiver and headed out... One-Trick Pony... I ran the long way out of the neighborhood to the roundabout then over to the traffic light at Murrell. I turned back then decided to do the Wal-Mart+stores loop to add an extra mile. I was running pretty strong, especially towards the end and suspect that I ran 4.1 miles at 7:30 pace (extremely kicked the last quarter-mile). That was basically tomorrow's workout... though tomorrow I'm hoping to get in 6-7 with Paul, Jamie, John, and Michelle -- we'll see who's out there.

And now, I'm here... in the dark... unshowered and writing this blog... naked so that I'm not simmering in wet-clothes... with a warmed-up Boston Market frozen dinner in my lap... at 11:42pm without having seen tonight's episode of Heroes yet... yet.

Anyways, here's the obligatory shirtless picture of me post-run:
(anymore of these type of pictures, and I might have to declare this blog NSFW).

Sorry, no food pics tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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