Friday, November 17, 2006

RUN: 7 1/2 miles @painful

Tonight was a really bad running night. Instead of wearing out my current pair of running shoes, I decided to try on an old pair. A mile into the run I felt that they lacked any remaining arch support, but I kept running. I tried running on the grass, but that was getting dangerously unpredictable. The insides of both shins were paining, and my right ankle and knee weren't helping either. I shortened my stride. When I got to Suntree Blvd (3.75), I stripped off the sweatjacket and my shirt. I carried them in my hands I made my way back. It was a little chilly but not too bad. I ran 20 seconds, ran backwards for 20, then did 8 crossovers on each side, repeat. I did that for about 2 1/2 miles then I took the rest of the way forward. And I had been chaffing between my legs since mile 1 1/2. My form was bad. Breathing wasn't so much a thought. And I got to the point of ignoring the cars when I did my silly crossovers.

No time to ice tonight. Watched a couple of episodes of the Daily Show as I ate Manhattan Clam Chowder with 6 pan-toasted tortillas:

Now, I've really got to get to bed. I've got to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

ooh. manhattan clam chowder, forgot about that. Must get some.

Pan toasted tortillas? where'd you get those?