Monday, November 20, 2006

TOP 3: Week of November 13-19, 3006

1. WDW with Stitch: roaming-Stitch made for a nice companion/distraction. He had no qualms about posing for the ridiculous photos, and we ended up with a nice set of photos. I also felt like a proud parent yesterday and was able to transfer some of my nervous energies into caring for him.

2. Sonic Burgers: these burgers capped off a nice running night on Tuesday. It was an instance in which I recognized the need to celebrate myself, and I was able to life in that moment.

3. Thursday After-Work: busy, busy night... of movie, dinner, movie. Yes, all the events and ideas did set up for a more-than-unnecessary-drama Friday and Saturday, but both movies were great, and I had a nice time at the dinner/silent-auction.

HM. Paul's joke ("So these three buddist monks arrive at the Pearly Gates..."): it's a good joke that I can remember. And it gets laughs, even when I tell it!

TV Show of the Week: "Amateur" by Lasse Gjertsen (okay, so it's a video and not a tv show, but I didn't watch much tv this week... plus this video is friggin' awesome.)

[UPDATE 7/16/09: just refreshing the embedded video]

Song(s) of the Week:
"All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers
(couldn't find the official music video, so this'll have to do... anyways, the anime-fans are typically really good making video covers)

[UPDATE 7/16/09: the official video for the song is easily found on YouTube and DailyMotion, but I find that a lot of the song's charm is its application to other things people find enthusiastic.]

and "Explode" by Nelly Furtado

[UPDATE 7/16/09: just refreshing the embedded video]

Other Notable Events:
- Space Coast Runners monthly board meeting
- Mary and Michelle
- Good Job Compliment
- Audiobooks
- Florida Lotto Office Pool
- Coffee
- Mini-Meatloaves
- Multiple Running Partners
- Phone calls
- 6:56am's
- Mow Lawn
- TLR Brevard dinner w/JoJo
- Saturday Work Day
- Lonely Day
- Disney Day (MK, AKL, Ep)
- Danny & Nigel @ Pom Pom's
- Free Food at Work
- Toastmasters, table topics award
- MOVIE: Borat
- MOVIE: Casino Royale
- "Sinners" Photo
- TLR: Silent Auction
- Monday/Saturday Work

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