Friday, December 08, 2006

JOURNAL: Finding Nemo Musical

[this entry is ATF.]
On Friday, I went to the AP Preview showing of the new Finding Nemo Musical over at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It was absolutely phenominal. The production - music, cast, costumes, story, effects, heart - surpassed all expectations, and it was just over-whelming. I broke down half-way through, and I was glad that I brought tissues. I hadn't cried that hard since Cider House Rules, and it was refreshing.

It set the pace for the rest of the day: very easy-going and appreciative.

I stopped by first aid to get my right calf wrapped up [they gave me a free ace bandage! :)], and Stitch and I got our picture taken with Christmas Stitch.I wandered the park and had no schedule except to meet my friend Jonathan for lunch at Tusker House. In the meantime, Stitch and I visited Rafiki's Conservation Station, went on the Safari Tour, and did the jungle treks. This morning, the tigers were out and beautiful:Walking from my car to the park, I had lost my left Mickey glove, so I stopped by the shop to pick up another pair of mittens (it was SO chilly, plus those gloves are awesome nonetheless) and in the process picked up a Stitch hat for Christmas and to keep my/Stitch's head warm.(Yeah, it was an I-love-Stitch Day... he's my bulldog).

Here's a few pictures from lunch:

Afterwards, Jonathan showed me the best places to watch the Jammin' Jungle Parade, one of which happened to be an appropriate place for him to stand under (the glare from the sun made the shot difficult):Anyways, the parade was very nice with the Christmas theme, and I spotted a special Stitch/Lionel on the front of the Mickey float driven by someone who looked familiar:
After the parade, but before leaving DAK, we went to ride Expedition Everest, and a nice little girl took care of Stitch during the ride being sure that he didn't get scared:
Here's Stitch and me in front of the DAK Christmas tree:
We decided that since we were in the area at that particular time of the day, it would be the most opportune time for us to visit the Osbourne Holiday Lights over at Disney-MGM Studios: The dancing lights were nice, but what I enjoyed the most was the snow and having so many people in the street drinking hot chocolate and having a good time.

After that, I had a easy-going drive back to Melbourne, and filled up the tank on the way home and picked up a large ham pizza from there. The ladies working there got along greta and were really fun to talk with. Then it was home, pleasantly exhausted.
That was a very nice Disney Day.

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