Monday, December 18, 2006

TOP 3: Week of December 11-17, 2006

Because of the 5-day hiatus and the fact that I really did take a 5-day hiatus, this TOP 3 will be quick and dirty (though not "dirty". awww... I know). I really enjoyed the time off and am finding myself probably too busy to post much this week either (flying out for Canada on Thursday)... so take this as a quick check-in and a notice of another (much-needed) hiatus. I'll be back on Dec 27th. :)

1. Magic Kingdom with Hong-Yi and Dan: 12+ hours at the park and getting on as many rides as we did... it was a nice time with Hong-Yi and friend Dan. Three very un-camera-shy Asian gay guys roaming the Happiest Place on Earth until dark dark.
2. Up-Down-Up at Home and Work: The stresses of a busy holiday season got to me... hard... but it was a cathartic release that I was due for and was timed well enough before the final week of work to not be devastating to the upcoming trip. With the support of my older sister (for listening), my co-workers (for giving me space), and my guy (for understanding and for being awesome), I was able to get through it and end up with a motivated and productive week of work (+ overtime! (woo!)).
3. RaceTrac Coffee: Iced Coffee and for cheap... I mean "from the heart"... no, for cheap. It both fed a need for kitsch and a need for Caffeine. Love the caramel and the toffee nut.
HM. Orlando Gay Chorus Holiday Special: I went with my friend JoJo, and he mentioned how good felt to be around so many gay people without having to ___(be at a dive-bar that would've been pretty much our only option had we've been in Melbourne)___. And it was true. I did see a couple of familiar faces, and again, the feeling of community is growing, and it's both reassuring and nurturing. The chorus did a great job, and it was a joyful performance. :)

TV Show of the Week: (dare I write it) Survivor. there was absolutely nothing else [new] on tv this week. the finale was actually pretty interesting, and the fact that an Asian won was cool (congrats yul!).

Song of the Week: "The First Noel" by Yolanda Adams

3 comment(s):

Cinonymous said...

Yay! You're back!

Anonymous said...

Survivor was better than the one-hour Office Xmas party?

No way!

Cedric said...

we'll see what gets posted this week... only three short, but fast-moving days.

the dvr didn't tape the office... so it was out-of-contention. boo.

i miss project runway.