Wednesday, January 10, 2007

PHOTO (revisited!): I'm so vain

Oh, what it's like to be on vacation again... sleep deprivation without the anxiety that it's going to affect anything... all for the sake of running, cooking, and eating with friendly others.

Yeah, work's been pretty high-octane today... got the security paperworks submitted, created and sent out the agenda for today's Toastmasters meeting (I was the TMoD -- i.e. Toastmaster of the Day), got the ground work for the SCR minutes typed up, finished one set of unit test instructions, adapted three more into integration test instructions, purify tested one PTR, going to pre-QA-test test three other PTRs, about to close out one action item, and possibly actually start trying some resolutions on one PTR that's been hanging over my head for about a month now... the solution seems... already documented in the mysql reference manual that it's intimidating to even start trying to implement it. Like other things as of late, I just need to get over myself and just do it.

Tonight's going to involve baking honey-soy chicken wings (maybe invite my friend Paul over if he's available... maybe like a mile or two "run"), definitely some icing of the knee, more cleaning up around the house (going around throwing away pack-ratted stuff), folding/ironing laundry, and perhaps a set of weights. I could/should SO get rid of cable... need to be saving money. Of course the Internets will stay. Gotta blog last night's sweet potato casserole too. Oh, I wish that the DW Marathon people would post my half-marathon time. I think people are thinking that I didn't complete the Goofy. I have the medals and all, but I'm missing out on a lot of the publicity some local Goofies are getting. Yeah, a little jealous, but really too tired to be feeling anything of that sort.

Wow, I really needed this me-Me-ME post. I don't want to seem too-TOO vain when I'm interacting with other people, though that's still probably the case. I still dream for when there'll be someone I can come home to, who will just be there. That's when I'll be able to take on a demanding full-time job, raise two kids, take 12 hours of graduate night classes, and find time to run friggin' 75 miles to "properly" train for a friggin' marathon. I enjoyed my marathon-and-a-half. I run for fun... at least now. I'm feeling like once spring arrives, I'll be going non-affiliated with my running just to re-familiarize with the simple, simple act of running... starve myself of running partners. It's a common cycle for me to do this, so I guess that's something to look forward to.

I don't know about being alone versus my prospects of being with someone else... a someone who's available. I'm feeling that if I'm not spoiling myself one way, then it's another way. Self-control, and keeping expectations and desires in check. This, being the lull after the "great event" that was the Goofy Challenge, presents the tricky urge to find the next dream to look forward to, and for me right now, I'm drawing a blank. Work's a constant, running's on a mini-hiatus. Just needing to build up money and time. Just gotta keep going, gotta keep training -- in one form or another.

Save the cheerleader, pocket the motivation. And rest, rest, rest.

Okay, back to the work. Two more hours, and I'll be heading home for Part Two of the Challenge.

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