Tuesday, January 23, 2007

RUN: 5 miles @ BCC PL w/Running Camp

This was my first night back to running camp since the Winter session officially started. I had my qualms about going back because I had been thinking of how the coach expects an unreasonable amount of mileage from us, being very pace/time-oriented, etc...

With all the internal drama I've been dealing with and a good talk with my guy, I realized that it wasn't Doug that was expecting an unreasonable amount of mileage. Doug was a metaphor for something else... he was the doubt and uncertainty I had inside me about my performance as a member of the running community. I was in a conflict of my goal-image of myself as a runner and the things that are necessary to get me there. I have to be okay with some bad days and some pain... pain is necessary and expected in growing as a runner, to get myself to the point where a 5K isn't daunting. I can still Not care about my finish time, but to be able to finish and feel good... it's still going to take some effort and trust in The Way.

And the same is true with work. Especially this week, I've been feeling a push to put my nose to my grindstone. Partially it's been the not-wanting-to-be-home, but also because now the programming group is all together in one area... and it's been like a second home. All I want is a small area rug and a larger mirror, and I'm set.

So tonight, I'm putting in a couple more hours... some quick testing, then a more testing... putting a presentation together... probably thinking MORE THAN I SHOULD on it, but I do still need to get it to a presentable/decent state. I checked on the company intranet, and I'm approved for overtime, but only for 10 hours. I'm currently 8 1/2 hours ahead so once I put in a couple hours tonight, I'll have to stick to regular business hours or I'm heading home early on... um, Thursday (which means that I'd totally skip practice to watch a... no, I should still go to practice. I'd just show up to work late on Friday or slide the schedule back an hour or so. Okay, now I'm rambling.

I figure that the time I spend on the unclass right now is fine, because 1) I'm not counting it towards my work hours, but 2) I'm spend my time "online" more productively than if I was at home. Suzie just informed me that the pictures from the Disney Marathon Weekend are up. I'll grab those, then finish my work, go home, then perhaps post them (tonight or tomorrow morn... after my presentation in the afternoon...).

Oh, the run. I ran a 1/2 mile warm-up, then ran 4 miles (non-stop) at 6:20, 7:23, 8:00, 6:23, and cooled-down 1/2 mile with Donna. I felt strong, but also not at a high endurance level -- that will come in time. It was a good run. Felt a little pain in my right foot, but I started alternating my miles (clockwise, counter-clockwise) to aleviate that problem. I also stretched! I also got encouragement from Doug. I know I have to stay consistent with my training.

Okay, pictures then work.

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