Sunday, February 04, 2007


Having gotten through watching everything on my DVR, I was left with nothing last night. I was unsure of what plans were for Sunday, so I figured to just shower and go to bed. This was at 10pm.

Yes, I made it to bed at a reasonable time, and I got 9 hours of sleep. Go me!

Yesterday was basically the following: wake up, housework/tv, Orlando for a Toastmasters seminar, Cape Canaveral for a Toastmasters seminar, flick some guy off on the way home, eat, shower, sleep.

I'll write about the flicking in a pre-future blog entry about the Toastmasters events. I'm just so ready to get this morning started! I'm changing clothes, grabbing some breakfast, then heading off to work! I think the refrigerator move will have to happen another day.

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