Friday, February 09, 2007

RUN: 12x 220s @0:38

It's 12:44 AM, so this will have to be a REALLY quick one.

Ran camp tonight. Did 1 mile warm up, 12x 220s w/220-slash-full-recovery inbetween each. Consistently :37.5-ish for first 6, then ran a couple circa-:34-ish, then two at :39-ish, then a :37, and then a friggin' :31. I cooled down 1 mile with Donna.

I felt okay. Focus was on form (legs hitting high, hands swinging high). My chest was sore because I haven't been doing any upper-body exercises. I can feel that I'm stressing my body. I may do 1-2 miles tomorrow just to keep the muscles warm before Saturday morning's Tiger Dash 10K, my first race in a few weeks now. My goal is 45:00.

Oh, I went to work afterwards, thinking that I'd leave at 9:30p.


Home. Internet. Messages. Not really any goofing off. Last night of TV... I called Brighthouse and they're disconnecting the basic cable sometime tomorrow.

Okay, REALLY needing the sleep right now.

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