Friday, February 09, 2007

RUN: 3.2 miles "Blackout"

Tonight I ran from home to the Avenue light and back in 29:00... very easy pace. I wore a purple sleeveless compression shirt and some thick(er) athletic shorts. There was also a thickness of cars on lake andrew and wickham road due to a local power outage.

I was at work until 7pm, and when I reached my exit 191, something was different... lots of cars. It took me a moment to realize that the traffic lights were out, then it was eerie how dark the area was. No Chevron, No Burger King, No Target, No Starbucks, No Wal-Mart!

It was like 2004 when there were the hurricanes, except it was at night, and that there was a large quantity of cars on the road.

I had to use the hidden key to get into the house and as I prepared to go out to run, the electricity was restored. I went out for my run and saw a family outside in their driveway around one of those fire pits.

All the stores were still closed (or their power had not been restored). It made me wonder how long the power outage had lasted.

Anyways, I've stayed up way too late considering that I have an 8am race tomorrow morning...

Okay, sleep time.

And here are a couple kitchen photos for your viewing pleasure:

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