Tuesday, February 06, 2007

RUN: 5x 1/2mile @3:00

Today was a busy (and productive) day. The morning started on a good Foot. Then I went to work. I managed to get the guidance/information I needed to ease my mind about developing the infrastructure for the significant (and behind-schedule) code that's to work with the MySql database (nerd talk). I went to lunch with a friend; we went to The Cuban Sandwich -- it was nice to get out of the office for a little bit too. Then a nice afternoon talk with my guy, then a couple more hours of work (including the hanging-up of my Goodwill mirror -- Oh, the Vanity!). The two-hour Design Patterns class that finished my work day was... painfully boring. I was pretty-well-rested and eager to learn, but the fact that the speaker wasn't charismatic and working with slides that he didn't prepare (and he wasn't prepared for)... bad combo. My mind Really resisted paying attention, so I just made lists... lots of lists... lists of all the monkeys on my back, and lists of what I could possibly get done tonight (i.e., would LOVE to get done tonight).

(...did stuff...)

Okay, halfway through transferring Can't Find A Date's, finished eating, and talked with Camille, Dad, and Cindy. Found out that the Registration for the 2008 Goofy is closed, and am thinking that perhaps Cindy and I could just to the marathon (or maybe just the half?!). I've uploaded NEW photos:
Okay, so they're kind of lame photos... (yeah, but one of them is an Inappropriate Car Photo).

(...had to restart computer...)

I had Sesame Chicken for dinner (leftover from last night). And for desert, I recreated what my sweetie and I had, which was crushed fortune cookie on [lactose-free] vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce. SO delicious. We're calling copyright on it! Since we may not see each other until after the 14th, he left me some Valentine's Day gifts, one of which was a Chinese take-out box of chocolate-covered fortune cookies. I had one tonight. Thank you, Sweetie. :-*

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