Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WORK: Lots of It.

Today's going to be a busy/where-did-the-time-go workday. There's a definite end-time because I've gotta make it home by 6:15p to meet with my friend Ernie. We're heading over to Orlando tonight for dinner and an Art Show... nothing formal.

I'm just anxious about all the work there is to accomplish at the office. I think that the work won't be particularly "killin'"... but the organization/management of it appears to be a lot of constistent overhead consideration.

By the end of lunchtime, there will officially be one less distraction at home.

By the end of work, I'll be down-and-back-up with energy.

And by the end of the day, I'll be passed out in bed under a couple blankets in my cold and cozy house.

[And I'm no longer afraid to decorate. So Walls beware! I'm gonna hammer y'all!]

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Tondo Rotondo said...

Be happy in and out of your blankets! All the best and good blog! Best regards from Catalonia!