Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RUN: 3.05 miles @~24:16, Home<-LL->WM+, Melbourne, FL

[satellite is above, hybrid is HERE]

I didn't run yesterday (slacker) so I had to go for a run tonight. And this morning I went to the dentist to get a tooth fixed -- I need a crown and am sporting a temporary for a couple weeks. So when I got home after work today, I made some rice porridge (soft) for dinner after I run:

It just involved putting rice (and a couple/few chicken bouillon cubes) in boiling water and continuing to add water until really cooked and soupy. And as you could imagine, this took a long time.

While I cooked, I watched a DVD from the library: Sicko, the Michael Moore HMO documentary -- eye-opening and thought-provoking... I'll have to blog it later

Anyways... after that, I went out for a run.

I had planned on running 5 1/2 miles in Rockledge but after watching a 2-hour movie, I decided to just run an easy 3, which turned out to be quite calming and probably the better choice. I ran with music (Netcot podcast, episode #3 Illumination) and a sweatshirt. It was a cool and beautiful.

Anyways, gotta get cleaned up and have dinner before it gets too late.

Here's tonight's sweaty ceddy pic:

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