Wednesday, April 16, 2008

JOURNAL: The Quadfecta

Tonight, I made it a quadfecta. After contacting the police, the neighborhood association president, and the community management company representative, I've just called Animal Control on my caddy-corner-backyard neighbors whose dogs are neglected and bark without restraint. Seriously.

Within the past couple weeks, I know of at least two visits by Animal Control. I've been told by the neighborhood association president and the community management rep that letters will have been sent to both those inhabitants (renters) and the owners of the house.

I'm at home, trying to relax, and the dogs are always in the background barking. I turned the backporch lights on, slid open the door and yelled. No action -- which means that the dogs have been abandoned once again. I don't think there's any taming of those mongrels kept outside.

The little jack russell terrier they usually keep indoors escaped yesterday and I found him in my garage shivering and scavenging for food. Apparently this is a common magic trick he performs as I was told by a new neighbor in this place I'd call Wisteria Lane.

Anyways, we'll have to see where this goes. I just know that I'm doing my part for what is my right as a member of a friggin' deed-restricted community -- and one that writes you up if you have a couple weeks growing in the sidewalk. What do they need... a video? (hmmmm).

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