Monday, April 21, 2008

MUSIC: "We've Got To Do Something" and "Inside of You" by Infant Sorrow

A couple songs by Infant Sorrow/Aldous Snow/Russell Brand from Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

"We've Got To Do Something"
by Infant Sorrow


Lately mother earth has been feeling unsatisfied
A taste plain from the rain this sweet lady started to cry
Fires crackle and blaze in rays of a burning heart and I don’t think its smart to
play away for the day she dies in our arms

We gotta do something,
we gotta do something
before mother earth gets anymore hurt
We gotta do something

Might have read there’s a lotta bad stuff in the world today
It's been said that it's getting rough to find a place where the children play
So Mr Prime minister and Mr President you’d better see that it’s not only me no
Our mob is rising in size and they’ve been dying to scream out to you

You gotta do something
We gotta do something
Sometimes I sit in my room and don’t know what to do
But we gotta do something

It's time to do something
Someone should do something
We gotta do something and that someone is
you, and you and you and you

I pray it aint all lost and gone
I pray we might learn right from wrong
And pray this broken day
Will not last too long
I pray that you believe in my song


You know I’m sorry if this is hard for you to take, but a lot of it just needs saying and I don’t see anyone else out there giving out this message and if I don’t do this whose gonna do it (do something…) and maybe if someone hears these words maybe the whole world gets round and listens to what I’m saying maybe we have a chance because I don’t wanna see another child crying I don’t wanna see another do dying in the street I cant see another homeless man because it doesn’t seem right to me he’s got a home he’s not gotta home what’s the point in that why cant' we all just get together in one big home and if I was in government then I’d government things much more differentlier cos it ain the best way to government things so there’s poor people everywhere you know I’ve just be sitting alone thinking how can I do something cos I aint gonna be in chains no more, you lot might a been coned but I aint been conned cos I’m a free man I’m free and I’m gonna my sole soar and way I do that is through my music, so why don’t you do something?

[credit for the lyrics goes to e-dreamer at the Russell Brand forums]
"Inside of You"
by Infant Sorrow


Oh these ancient skies
I've had these wandering eyes
but you took me by surprise
when you let me inside of you

Inside of you
Inside of you
There's got to be
Some part of me
Inside of you

Inside of you, I could cross this desert plane
Inside of you, I can hear you scream my name
Inside of you, while the stars unfold
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world
And I need you here and I need to be
Inside of you

Now the flowers bloom
I feel you creep into my room
And if this should be our tune
I'll die here inside of you

And the world explodes
I've never been down this road
Teach me how to glow
While I'm moving
Inside of you

Inside of you, the restless find their dreams
Inside of you, this king has found his queen
Inside of you, all the stars unfold
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world
And I need you here and I need to be
Inside of you

Inside of you
Bay blue
So say it's you
To thoughts untrue
Who I woo
It's you I woo

Through and through
And through and through
There's so much more than just a screw
Inside of you

And I was blizzard blind
Felt like I've lost me mind
But you've treated me so kind
I don't know what to do.

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Angelyn said...

i love both of these songs and i thank who ever for putting the lyrics up here. thanks again.