Saturday, April 05, 2008

RACE: Downtown Melbourne 5K, Melbourne, FL (did not run)

I can't believe that I woke up in time this morning for the Downtown Melbourne 5K. I didn't run, but I wanted to head down there to help, and unlike most other races, this race ran the men and women separately (this year, the women start at 7:30am and the men at 8:15am).

Anyways, the night before, I actually called the cops for the first time. Caddy-corner backyard neighbor... noise disturbance... dogs barking from 8:30pm to just before midnight, when I called. I stopped by before to ring their doorbell, but no one was home. All of the other neighbors I talked to is also finding those dogs (and residents) to be a nuisance and we're all reaching wits end. Anyways, I told that an officer was on his way, but after waiting 45 minutes, I called back to cancel the appointment because I had to wake up early the next morning -- but at least my complaint was filed. Anyways...

I got to the race half-an-hour beforehand and got tasked to help with the timing of the women's race, and to tell the truth, I kinda bonked at that job -- a couple runners missed the finish chute, which could've potentially thrown off the finish/time count, but also, I was trying to take a few pictures and was also tired, hungry, and a bit dehydrated (excuses... I know).

Anyways, here are a few pictures from this morning (Enjoy!):

noah and chad in front of the finish line
the women's start
the sun made some pictures more artsy
but it can also make for "incomplete" pics
the men's start (from behind)
a lot of up & running representing
an amber-colored toy poodle (aww)
the awards made me sleepy
even the overalls look like pillows
cheerios, kara
a mANNEtee

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