Thursday, May 08, 2008

RUN: 4.25 miles @??:??, Kohls<-->VHS loop reverse, Viera, FL

[Hybrid again, gmap HERE]

Okay, another quick run blog since I still have to pack for this weekend, and Chuck and I are heading over Early tomorrow morning (to hit the parks!) before we have to pick up our race packets and check-in to the hotel.

Anyways, after work I did stop by Running Zone to drop off some pics, but ended up not staying since I had forgotten to pack running shorts in this morning's rush. Instead, I went home, mowed my lawn (Thanks for the direction Camille!), then packed up and went out for a run.

To mix things up, I drove to Kohl's at the Avenue, and ran the Viera High School loop in reverse (clockwise). I ran sans shirt on and with music (iPod: Savage Love and This American Life). And I was thinking about what to talk about for my next speech, and I think that I'm going to talk about throwing a good dinner party -- it's non-Disney, non-MOM, and non-too-general.

Anyways, still gotta pack. G'night.

Here's tonight's on-location blurry sweaty jumping Ceddy pics:

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