Sunday, June 29, 2008

MOVIE: Wanted

It's Sunday, and I'm not in Orlando. What do I get?!

(no really, I'm needing this type of reward system)

Anyways, just to get out of the house for a couple hours, I went to go see Wanted. I thought it was entertaining, though it follows a pattern this summer of people/pandas learning skills really quickly. But unlike those other movies, this one wasn't predictable. I admired how it had some new ideas, new perspectives, and new... (pardon the pun)... execution.

The movie was fun, and it was nice to see Angelina Jolie in the action genre again. James McAvoy was fine for the film, but I kept having a disturbing image of him as a Ewan McGregor-Zach Braff hybrid. There was another character that looked like a hybrid, but this time it was a David Beckham-Daniel Craig... niiice. And watching the credits, I saw that it was Thomas Kretschmann, someone I liked from U-571, The Pianist, and King Kong... so at least I'm consistent!

Anwyays, I went to an afternoon showing of Wanted, and I was surprised that the theatre was still packed. There weren't so many teens as there were crowded for it Friday night. Though there was a father and his two young daughters (aged like 5 & 7-ish). Seriously? Quality time with daddy. *shrug*... at least he didn't force them to watch football. I'd hate that.

So, yeah, the movie was, in a word: fun.

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