Monday, June 16, 2008

RUN: ~6.69 miles @??:??, Heritage Isles Loop, Viera, FL

[This entry is ATF, but dated day-of. It's written with a looking-back perspective.]

It was a rough night after work. Work was fine -- productive but without a sense of accomplishment. On the way home I stopped by the eyeglass place to get a crack in one of my lenses fixed, but it ended up being a surprisingly unpleasant visit (I won't go in to it here, but I've since revisited and resolved it for the most part).

When I got home, I was all tense. I wanted to organize an order of pictures to put in at WM and needed some 'lone time and concentration, but I got sidetracked and grew more and more anxious. My sister was able to help me get some perspective before I bolted out for a much-needed tension-relieving run.

After weeks of running one-day, less-than-4-miles. I ended up putting in 6 miles and a handful of change. I thought I'd go to Murrell and back (~5K), but of course, there was another runner from the neighborhood that left at the same time I did... (no 'lone time even outside) so when I hit the roundabout, I headed west.

I ran north onto Stadium Pkwy, and when I reached the gov't buildings, instead of running the reverse Viera High School loop, I went west again to the lesser-developed area. I wasn't sure if there'd be a way out if I turned north again into the cluster of developments, so I ran west to the dead end and found the north entrance of the Heritage Isles subdivision.

I ran through it southwards. The last time I was there, they had only completed half of this cut-through. Heritage Isles was safe and cozy -- lovely landscaping with a well-lit main drag -- unlike my neighborhood, which of late I've been finding to be quite unsettling. So the visit to Heritage Isles was an escapishly nostalgic re-visit.

Once I hit the west arm of Wickham, my walking intervals were becoming more frequent. I realized that I wasn't near racing condition, and I just wanted to keep this run enjoyable, so I kept my breath. The temperature was fine -- neither too hot, too cold, or humid.

I took the alt route home when I reached the neighborhood. I didn't want to run by the bad neighbors and spoil my endorphins. I sprinted the last 0.2 miles and felt nicely worked.

I took a shower, opened a bottle of fruit wine, and ate salad for dinner as I watched The Mole, then was in bed by midnight. So with the run, I believe that the night was salvaged. I just needed some time to myself.

And here is the obligatory sweaty ceddy pic:

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Nice blog. Probably just writing it out helped.