Saturday, July 19, 2008

DISNEY: Spontaneous MK

On Saturday, I went to a birthday dinner party at a friend's house. I got to meet some new people, and one of them works at Disney's Hollywood Studios. He brought up the idea of heading to the parks for fireworks, and what did I say? -- spontaneous, enthusiastic, Disney, and I didn't have to drive? How could I resist?! Knowing that I'll be back at the parks the next day but away for two weekends after, I even broke my "kid hostage" rule for it.

Roger drove, and we ended up in employee parking at the Contemporary. We talked Disney as we walked the pathway to the Magic Kingdom. It was exactly 9:00pm and the first showing of SpectroMagic was making its way around the flag pole.

We skipped it and walked through the stores, heading to Tomorrowland to check up on Space Mountain... 65 minute wait. Instead we went to go get FastPasses to Buzz and happened to score some FPs to Space Mountain. We took a quick ride on the TTA (me sleepy) before heading back to the Tomorrowland Bridge to catch Wishes (Next time, I'm going to try seeing it from Frontierland or Fantasyland).

Anyways, afterwards, we headed back in and rode Space Mountain, and Wow, what a time savings the FPs were. Then it was to Buzz Lightyear where I scored a 365,600. The ride showed a 20 minutes when we passed by it so we rode it again (basically a walk-on) except my gun was sucky and even though I hit many a bull's eye, I recorded a score of 16,000. Seriously? Oh well, another ride, another ride pic.

After that, we walked to Frontierland via the hub and waited outside the General Store for SpectroMagic. By then, it's real late, and I'm real tired -- still enthusiastic about being at Disney, but tired. The parade was really good, and I couldn't imagine working so late everyday. Anyways, next we headed out.

We took the resort monorail to the Contemporary and walked around a little bit -- stopped by and peeked into the new Wave restaurant (very chic) -- then got back to the truck. Taking the walking path to the Contemporary probably would've been faster, but it was nice to see the [DVC] BLT construction from the ground close-up.

Well, he took me for a quick tour of N World Drive and Floridian Way (behind-the-scenes... WOO!), then it back home to pick up my car so I can go SLEEPy SLEEPy.

Overall, it was a nice trip. It gave me a new perspective on the parks -- maybe another nudge towards picking up a part-time...

I had forgotten to bring my camera, but I got a few so-so shots with my cell phone (yay for technology) -- the rest of my pics are after the itinerary.
Here's what I did this visit:

Parked at the Contemporary

Walked to Magic Kingdom
- SpectroMagic
- Tomorrowland Transit Authority
- Wishes
- Space Mountain
- Buzz Lightyear
- Buzz Lightyear (again)
- SpectroMagic (again)

Resort Monorail to Contemporary

weird sweat pattern
Gun wasn't working anyways
no more clock tower on city hall
the new Wave restaurant at the Contemporary

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