Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WORK: Calendars

Our hallway loves the calendars for some reason. Many of us have multiple calendars hanging on our walls... work calendars, free calendars from UPS, home-made crocheted calendars, calendars featuring bulldogs, pugs, kittens, Corvettes, waterfalls, or Jesus.

And let us not forget those page-a-day desktop calendars. Dan has a "You Might Be a Redneck" one, and I have one that teaches me a new Origami (and I love the square paper). Then my officemate has one called "Dumb Dares for the Office" which has suggestions, like "Shout 'phone' every time someone's phone rings" or "Use a made up word during a meeting".

Well anyways, Monday was my first day back into the office from my business trip, and I was nursing a strained left foot arch (that I hurt running last Thursday), so I was hobbling. And just like me, I was kinda making it known that I was handicapped (think Michael Scott and the George Foreman grill).

Slackers that we are, our page-a-day calendars are never on the day that it is, and my officemate was catching up and just started laughing. The dumb dare for Monday just happened to be:

Ha! (no, I didn't read ahead!)

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