Saturday, August 09, 2008

JOURNAL: Butterfly World, Coconut Grove, FL

On our last day in South Florida, we really slept in and didn't leave the hotel until when we had to check-out at noon. No worries though. It was another easy-going day, as all we had planned was a visit to Butterfly World up in Coconut Grove. So we waved goodbye to Miami, and headed up I-95.

We stopped by an Arby's (which was clean and friendly) before reaching our destination which was actually located inside of Tradewinds Park (and another entrance fee) -- it was a good cause, so it was s'alright. And it was a sunny day as we made the short walk to the entrance of Butterfly World, where "dreams come true" (seriously, I thought that someone would've had that phrase copyrighted by now).

Butterfly World consists of a couple butterfly environments (flower garden, tropical rain forest), a few aviaries (parrots, hummingbirds, lorikeets,...), and a few gardens among other things (a suspension bridge, bug museum, cafes, koi). And like like many of the other attractions we've seen this weekend, Butterfly World was impressive in its offerings given its size (well, compared to the attractions I'm used to) and the place is bountiful with charm. We all had fun on property, walking silently for the most part as we enjoyed the beautiful flora and other living exhibits.

After that, we got back on the road and headed for Melbourne. We passed through some dark weather but made it home in record time. Before Joy and Jerrico left for Orlando, we went out for dinner at Toyo Sushi and Asian Grill on Wickham.

It was a wonderful trip with them. I was highly surprised by how much we were able to see, also given the fact that we went to bed at a reasonable time each night and we had a late start each day. Maybe it does pay to rest up more.

Thank you Joy & Jerrico!

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