Monday, August 25, 2008


It's been a long time since my last post. And instead of trying to catch up all at once (oh, the pressure) I'm going just write in bits and pieces about today. Here we go:

I woke up early to drive into town early to get an MRI done on my left foot early with the donut-looking-crypt-of-doom sort of thing. The tech tried to stabilize my foot with air pillows but she didn't do a great job and during one of the passes I got paranoid and in my head was repeating "Don't Move! DOn't MOve! NOOO!!!" ... but my left leg tensed up ...("Now aren't you proud?" *sigh*). Anyways, hopefully the procedure wasn't a bust. I want results!

It's been nearly a week off (I worked one day last week and this week I'm working three) so it took a little time to get re-settled. With a performance review, a Toastmasters Evaluation contest, and lots of code to crank out, this week's going to be busy. And Monday flew by. I didn't stress myself out -- I took time to get some breakfast in the cafeteria, walked around the lake once with my friend Chuck, and went out to lunch at the Olive Garden with a couple co-workers. Today just had a good balance of concentrated work and recovery.

I promptly rushed home after work to mow my lawn before the supposed thunderstorm (which never came). And despite my complaining beforehand, working outside was actually quite therapeutic; my negative feelings came from past "Dennis the Menace" experiences. Asides from the sense of accomplishment that comes with performing this regular maintenance and not having to worry about it for another week, I got to see my friendly across-the-street neighbors and meet a couple new people from down the road. Anyways, I also trimmed/edged, pulled some weeds, and applied bug granules on the lawn and some extra something something around the outside perimeter of the house. Then I cut off a palm branch, which punched a hole in my front screen, but it's'alright; it's just another project for another day.

Afterward all the yard work, I went inside, cleaned myself up, and just read up a lot on the Olympics for the rest of the night -- quite relaxing. And I ended the day with a strangely optimistic sense of anticipation for the rest of the week.

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