Saturday, September 20, 2008

JOURNAL: Good Morning

Howdy all,
It's Saturday afternoon, and it's been a good day so far. Even though I woke up on the hard side of 6am, I did manage to get much a lot of things accomplished.

I took pictures at this morning's Fall Into Winter 5K, the first race in the Space Coast Runner's runner-of-the-year series.

I went to the Merritt Square Mall and found a lot of great deals, and accomplished my goal of finding a couple of khaki pants for work and some patterned shorts for the parks. And I also found a nice dark blue pants ($5) at Steve & Barry's which his closing and got a deal on some keen green swimming trunks for next year's Gay Days.

I then went to go see Burn After Reading which while not being all too great (it left me unsatisfied), George Clooney's performance was niiice. It was another thing off my list.

Then after that I made a stop by Burger King for lunch and was asked by the cashier why I was smiling, to which I responded "because it's been a good day so far... plus I've been up since 5:30, so I'm delirious".

I continued on to the Cocoa Library to pick up some Muppet movies for research for my Toastmasters speech this Wednesday, then made a quick stop by the Avenue on the way home to check out if Old Navy had any good deals... (hmmm not so much).

Anyways, so now I'm home downloading the pics from this morning -- gotta get some of them to a friend for the newspaper -- and getting cleaned up and relaxing before making another push to get things done today.

So, good pacing, staying fed and hydrated, catching some lucky deals, and keeping on keeping on.


Other posts to follow.

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