Wednesday, September 03, 2008

JOURNAL: Things to Come

Okay, I just wanted to put out a JOURNAL entry for that "personal" feel and to announce that I am in the process of playing catch-up with the blog for the past few weeks -- Disneyland Half-Marathon, Disneyland Resort, Annapolis Ten-Miler (Mom and Gay Bingo), and a couple more post from the South Florida trip.

I'm pretty sure that I'll be taking a few "Melbourne weekends" if not for the hurricanes, just for the need to get resettled. But also I may have to venture out to the WDW parks and resorts for a day if not for the rides/attractions, for the need to build back some trust with the CM handling. But chances are I'll be in Melbourne for nearly the entire month of September (we'll see).

Anyways, in addition to still trying to get past jet lag, work has been very busy and productive this week -- not as much as I'd like but still better-than-average. At home, I've been getting a lot done at a good pace -- routine stuff like mowing the lawn and doing laundry -- but I'm still lagging with the evidence (photo) management and distribution. I guess that's what the weekends will be for.

Oh, and TOTALLY off the point, but I don't understand Republicans who are like "The people attacking Palin are sexist" yet they are the ones who are very much "Yeah, she's a VPILF". I mean, seriously? Don't be prejudice, but it's okay to objectify? WTF, dudes, WTF.

Alright, I better stop before this post gets too random or gets me into more trouble. Good night y'all.

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