Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RUN: 2.87 miles @23:34, Home<-LL->WM+, Melbourne, FL


Tonight, the day before my Toastmasters speech, I'm trying to harness all the thoughts and emotions flowing through my head. Playing online Bomberman games (careful, the link is LOUD!) wasn't going to be productive... it'd just jittery me up more... and since I have a race this Saturday -- the Expedition Everest Challenge with my friend Chuck -- I figured that a little jog would help easy my mind a bit.

So I changed and went out. I started the run reciting the intro and first couple ideas, then was too out-of-breath to say anymore, though a few choice words escaped my mouth and helped me with organizing the last section of my speech.

I tell you, that HealthPlex could be the death of me with those cars streaming out without watching the road, gunning for that u-turn back into the roundabout.

Anyways, I reach mile 1 at about 8:24; that ended up to be my overall pace more-or-less. Also, it was then that it started to drizzle/rain-ish consistently. Yay! It was cloudy and overall-dark, which was beautiful weather to run in, with my body soaked but sneakers dry.

I ran the entire way (asides from some traffic) so it was a redeeming run for me. I feel good.

Also, when I got home from work, I programmed a new remote control for the garage door, so that was another good-feeling. Anyways, just meant to say that "home" had good connotations tonight.

And with this blog entry dutifully written and submitted in a very timely manner, I plan to get cleaned up then polish up this speech, getting as much practice as to feel well-enough to not freeze. Our club is expecting some visitors tomorrow, so even more the reason (Nga and I went to Rockwell Collins to check out their meeting, which also had a wonderful type of energy).

Anyways, below are some of my on-the-first-try(!) jumping sweaty ceddy kitchen pics:

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