Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TOP 5: Week of September 20-26, 2008

Yeah... it's been Forever since I've done one of these. (It's also been Forever since I've written back to my friend Karen, so first... here's a shout-out to her for being so patient: K2 Rocks!).

Alright... now then... I'm wanting to do a Top 5 for this particular week because there was just so many good things that happened.

5. Mailing Out Packages: the packages in question are those of picture CDs, prints, and other goodies, that were from the trips to South Florida and Disneyland. The project was weighing heavily on my mind even though I know that it fell under the "trying too hard" category. It was just a really good feeling to know that I was done with it... just like when I catch up on blog entries.

4. Fall Into Winter 5K: this was my return to the running scene, not so much by running as by just being there to take pictures. And it was an unexpected and awesome opportunity to spend time with my across-the-street neighbors. Like I wrote times before, I missed the endorphins and grand camaraderie that accompanies these events. It's also the perspective I get from seeing the ocean and so early in the morning. It was a good start to the series.

3. Toastmasters Speech: I initially thought that this would easily be #1, but giving some perspective, it comes in at #3 because it's just the beginning of many successful speeches. I was thrilled that I didn't freeze, and it was a great to see the result of a lot of time invested. I'm already signed up for my next speech.

2. Shopping at the Merritt Island Mall: the fact that I found a few pairs of pants for work and a few patterned shorts (all on sale) was fantastic. Sometimes I come away with nothing, but this time I caught some nice fish. It was a really successful day of shopping -- retail therapy at its finest.

And my #1 for the week of September 20-26, 2008...

1. "Young Friend" by Brooke Waggoner: this song is incredible. It has an amazing spirit and clever structure/progression, plus I'm a fool for the piano when used properly (the piano... not me). This was a free download of the week at iTunes, and I fell in love with it immediately.

Other notable events:
- Oven-Baked Chicken Wings
- RZ/SCR Fun Run and Potluck
- TM Ambassador visit to Rockwell Collins

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