Thursday, October 16, 2008

RUN: 5.25 miles@41:57, Home<-->Stadium Pkwy Loop, Melbourne, FL

[Satellite tonight <-- hey, that rhymes!]

Today was a good day at work and the feeling carried to the drive home. Quickly, the points, otherwise this entry may never get fleshed out. (I can always come back and make it read prettier later... digressing):

- woke up late and got in late, but worked through lunch and stayed late(r)
- Jordan brought me a shiatsu massager which I used on my head and neck then later figured that I could use it on my back (smart smart)
- picked up four Big Macs and a salad for lunch (the salad and one Big Mac was for me); I'm a cheese for those Monopoly promotions
- finally got my introduction to a couple machine needed for a project; I don't have sudo priviledge to some other machines so I still a bit blocked, but still... progress was made today
- the day ended with good interactions with a couple of the newer members of the team; they seemed receptive, and I felt helpful.
- the company sent an email to all the employees about their "Political Advocacy and Social Responsibility" policy; basically, no political signs at the office (*shrug* either way)
- disposable camera pics were ready! (DLHM, EEC, & RFTT); need to scan and sort accordingly. lady at the WM photo lab actually recognized me and was so friendly!
- at WM, i also tried out, for the first time, that redbox movie rental thingy and picked up The Visitor.

Anyways, I was gleefully light on my feet in the parking lot and knew that I was good for a run tonight -- a couple days since my last time out.

After washing a lot of running stuff, I go for the bright green shorts. I also picked up a long-sleeved to cover up my love handles. I ran in my EE Adrenalines and decided to run with music [NPR: Most-emailed stories]. I ran to the half-way without stopping, then took very brief stops at intersections on the way back. I could feel how I was favoring the ball of my left foot, and I could feel the pressure, but there wasn't any real bad pain there.

My fitness is down, but it's understandable. I just need time. I've posted some splits and paces below. I'm about 15 seconds off of my practice pace before. It was an optimistic run nonetheless, and I'm happy with that.

Time - Place (Distance) [Pace] <-- hey, that also rhymes!
20:05 - 1/2way (2.56 miles) [7:51]
24:50 - lk andrew (3.11 miles) [7:59]
34:10 - wm side (4.27 miles) [8:00]
41:57 - home (5.25 miles) [7:59]

Okay, now much still to do... hoping to get some of last week's blogs posted before another busy weekend. Plus I have a movie to watch.

Here are you Sweaty Ceddy pics:


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