Saturday, December 06, 2008


The DHS Lights were the reason I didn't carpool for Toastmasters this morning, and even though there wasn't a great push for the visit, it'd been a couple weeks. Also, I wanted to check the Lights off my Disney holiday to-do list. Okay, let's get this done.

After our three Toastmasters club visits and lunch, I headed to the teahouse for a quick stop and then to Pom's to hang out and play with the pugs -- no rush at all. I eased out and by the time Stitch and I got to DHS, it was a little past 5 PM.

First, we went to package pick-up for the special "3D" glasses for the Osborne family lights, then it was up the middle and over to Pixar Place. OM'sD was actually open, but we continued on for now. TSMM was @80 mins (too long), but Star Tours was only at 20 mins (yeah, there was actually a way). It was retro, but nice to do before the Lights.

The Streets of America was crowded but not too bad. We saw the switch-flipping and thought that the displays were more beautiful this year. The fake snow or soap bubbles (???) were fun but I wanted more. We stayed for three songs -- Liza Minelli's "JingleBellsJingleBellsJingleAllTheWay" was definitely the most energetic number, and I loved it! Anyways, three was enough, and we headed back to Pixar Place.

TSMM was @70mins (still too long), so we stopped by One Man's Dream. We walked right to the film, and the CM told us that it was the 107th anniversary of Walt's birthday (yay!). I really enjoy that film. Next, we headed to the Animation Gallery. I saw some people walking out of the academy with drawings of Rhino from Bolt (I'm so jealous :P). Anyways, Stitch posed on the Bolt set before we headed out.

Next, figuring that most people would be on the other side of the park, we headed to Sunset Blvd, where Fantasmic was only a couple minutes started. We had to take the back way to the show and stood in the back. There was a lot of projection onto water, which doesn't really do it for me, then there was some characters and boats. I left a couple minutes early and headed to the rides. I managed to get two turns on R'n'R using the SR line, and both times I got paired up with a guy who was happy and pretty cool -- first someone who reminded me of my friend SK, and next with one of those cool dads... the one who acts funny-weird, trying to embarrass their little daughters (awww). Anyways, I felt very fortunate and satisfied with that end of the night, but there was actually more...

The magic moment for me was meeting a fellow Disney enthusiast in the RnR SR line. She had a Holiday Lights necklace and was also at the parks solo. After the ride, we walked to the exit together, and waited for and rode the tram out together, all the while having a very entertaining conversation. She works in downtown but lives near Disney (closer than Celebration!), and says that her commute is 45 minute each way but the parks are "on the way home" and quick evening visits are easy. I like her priorities -- that'd totally be me if had to try again.

Anyways, it was a very successful visit to the World. It was easy-going, actually kinda light on the rides and attractions, and it was a good mix of magic from Disney and from fellow guests. :)

Photos after the itinerary.
Here's what I did this visit:

- 3D Glasses from Packet Pick-Up
- (TSMM @80 mins, no thanks)
- Star Tours (actually kinda busy)
- Osborne Family Lights (x3)
- One Man's Dream (Walt Disney's Birthday: Dec 5th, 1901)
- Animation Gallery (Bolt)
- Fantasmic (late in, early out)
- Rock'n'Rollercoaster (x2 -- SK & funny dad)


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