Friday, December 26, 2008

MOVIE: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I didn't like the movie much at all. I think that it will definitely get a nomination for its score, but I wouldn't be surprised if it misses out on everything else.

Chuck joined me for the 3:15pm showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was pretty full, and my bad theatre karma continued -- a group of middle-aged ladies were having loud, irrelevant conversations during the movie (seriously?). Chuck just had me sit on the other side of him, which helped me but then he was exposed to the loud chatter. Anyways, that aside...

The movie didn't have much of a point -- yeah, we're watching a guy "grow young" -- but is there anything to this Benjamin Button? Not really. It tries to make Benjamin into some sort of a Forrest-Gump/let's-go-on-adventures kind of character, but these stories all end up serving no purpose... except for reiterating the idea of dealing with death and being different.

The film felt like once big, badly-planned mash-up of other movies: The English Patient (the reading by a caretaker of a journal that was in the possession of a bed-ridden character) meets The Aviator (a little-purposed biopic) meets Magnolia (the yellow-toned reel flashbacks and epic lengths) meets King Kong (the part when they're on the boat) meets Amelie (the explanatory "coincidence" sequence) meets Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (the "off-sounding" accents) meets Titanic (the story of a woman's past lover before she dies/throws-a-pendant-into-the-ocean). It felt neither fresh nor relevant.

The casting and depiction of their aging were also distracting. I could go on a rant here, but I'll just say that there was something not-quite-right about Brad Pitt's narrating in a N'awlins' accent and with his character's CGI.

Another thing about the movie is that the female "lead" was not likable. Chuck said that he enjoyed the movie, but he agreed with me on this point. I immediately didn't like the "dying" her because I couldn't understand half the stuff coming out of her mouth, then when they showed the other iterations of her character, I realized that I didn't like them either.

Anyways, I might've liked it more if I didn't have the high expectations from all of its early accolades -- it's really feeling more Martin Scorsese than David Fincher, and that's too bad.

Dah. Wanted to like this movie, and I ended up really not.

doesn't look like the other old people

don't be fooled, she's so pretentious

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Cedric said...

Wow, I can't believe that I'm feeling so strongly about the film. I really didn't like it.

sisonymous said...

Is it just me or does "old" Brad Pitt looks like a mashup of Dick Cheney/John McCain in yellow tint? The Jib-Jab version of such.

Cedric said...

Still, that would be better than the Dick Cheney/Larry Craig mashup that was taking late night phone calls during the showing of Slumdog Millionaire.