Friday, December 12, 2008

RUN: 1.5? miles@??:??, Jimmy Moore Park, Melbourne, FL

Today after work, I met a co-worker's wife for a run over at the nearby Jimmy Moore Park. She's on the C25K program, week 2, which means
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.
(except I didn't do the warmup walk... but I did stretch... some)

Anyways, we both got there at the same time, except I was still in work attire, so as she did her warmup walk, I drove over to Whataburger and changed clothes. She had the workout podcast on her music player telling us when to jog and when to walk, and it was pretty cool, and it was very nice jogging and walking with her. She's very friendly and quite a fun conversationalist. Plus she has a cheery disposition.

It was a good way of starting the weekend.

[Note: a few pics can be found at the end of this entry.]

I've been quite stressed at work lately, trying to figure out a design -- I'm not all quite there yet -- and put together a presentation for next Thursday morning. It's been a long-time coming, and I've been fighting the D&T thoughts. I'm not sure what's missing/wrong.

Not that it's a big thing, but when I went grocery shopping on Monday, I picked up one of those variety packs of cereals (small boxes) instead of my usual "get a big box, eat one or two bowls, then wait for the rest to get stale before I throw them away".

Well, I did good in bringing a couple of these small boxes to work and filling up a small water bottle with Lactaid milk and having that for breakfast instead of bacon|eggs|sausage|potatoes|butttered-toast. I wouldn't finish all the milk, and instead of dumping it in the sink down the hall, I decided to pour it into the planter in the hall, and then...

(three days later)

"What's that smell?!"... "Ewww!"

I never considered not fessing up to it, but I did describe my pouring milk into the planter as "an experiment"; it was true that the plants on that side of the tray were more... luscious. Still, that didn't do much to stop the smell.

I tried some Adidas body spray around the area, but that only added a second layer of funk (not 'phunk'). Then, a co-worker tried adding Mountain Dew, but that didn't do anything. I remembered that another co-worker was fighting a cold and had a stash of oranges -- and industrial plants has citrus scented deodorizers -- but he just finished his last one.

It wasn't until well after lunch that I thought about department stores and how they'd have coffee beans for customers to clean their olfactory palettes. So I took a healthy portion of Maxwell House instant coffee and sprinkled it on the plant then gave it a water. And I think that it worked some!

Anyways, it was a little bit of a distraction. I'm still a bit nervous about my work, especially when I'm not going to be in town this weekend. I'm looking at long days come early next week. And I'll be sure to also get a lot of sleep.

That's about it. The run today was what I really needed. And it's nice to meet someone who also appreciates the jumping pic. Here are our sweaty jumping pics:

normal standing pic

pleasant jumping pic

disgusted look pic (ha!)

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