Wednesday, December 03, 2008

RUN: 1.90 miles@??:??, Home<-ss->WM, Melbourne, FL

Ran with music (HSM3 OST). Ran in compression shorts. Ran late.

Tonight, I ran to WM to pick up parts for the car -- an air filter and a pair of halogen headlight bulbs -- then I walked back. I even too the shortcut way both times.

The air filter was easy to install, but the driver-side low-beam socket is cramped by the battery and fuse box. Tomorrow I'll get someone else to change it for me. I cleaned the foggy headlights with some convertible window stuff -- maybe could use another go-around -- then the front-bumper clean will have to be another day.

Anyways, nothing woo. Didn't go really far because I'm just breaking in the GT-2140s. It already feels nice -- very flexible compared to my old pair(s) -- and it'll be what I run in for the Goofy in January.

Nothing much else. It was light-jacket cool outside but not bad after the body got warmed up.

Here are some long-awaited [but not-so-sweaty] ceddy pics:

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