Saturday, December 20, 2008

RUN: 3.51 miles @31:10, Beta Melbourne Cswy Fun Run, Melbourne, FL

[reused map. yay!]

This morning I woke up early and drove down to run with the melbourne causeway with some people from work. I woke up and got prepared quite quickly and got to front street park 10 minutes til. The portable speaker that I won at the program gift exchange came in handy as I blasted some HSM3 while I stretched. Jeff and Dennis showed up, then Charles along with his son Sam and their dog Molly. Many of the other people who'd usually show up were running the Jingle Bell 2-miler this evening (5:45pm, Satellite Beach) -- we figured so much. Well, the group is very prompt, and it was now 8amm, so we were off.

Jeff bolted ahead, while Dennis was nice to hang with me for a while. Once we headed down the causeway the first time, Dennis was gone too, and I started feeling the effects of a quick morning -- didn't get through my morning routine, which was really disconcerting. So, as they ran all the way to the beach, I turned around at the first light and basically walked most of the way back in order not to upset my stomach any more. That was basically it. I waited for the others before heading out.

I had to make a stop at work. And while there, I figured to open my office area just to retrieve some Chinese take-out from Wednesday that I had forgotten to take home. I saw my friend Mario and handed off some orange juice that had also been in the fridge. It was a nice, quick visit.

I stopped by the library on the way home to see if they had In Bruges or Mamma Mia! but they had neither. I considered borrowing something else, but decided against it because it wasn't worth worrying about having to return it.

I then stopped by Publix and stocked up on frozen vegetables and other healthy foods. I may have gotten some positive reinforcement, though it was more likely just politeness -- either way, the gesture was a reinforcement of their "where shopping is a pleasure" slogan. Go publix! :)

Anyways, once home, I took care of a [small] Brazilian pepper plant/bush in the backyard -- I cut off all the limbs then drilled holes in what was left then poured some stump-remover granules on top. Hopefully that does the trick. I got a sense of accomplishment from it nonetheless.

Next was lunch -- the aforementioned Chinese take-out -- while finishing up 30 Rock, Season 1, Disc 2 (I <3 the Hair), then a shower and a very long nap... I woke up just before 4pm. I'm thinking that I'm going to skip the Jingle Bell 2-Miler and just chill at home... maybe continue my attempt to clean any of my rooms and to pack for Orlando tomorrow through I-don't-know-when.

Alright, that's about it. Probably a lot more than necessary for a quick morning run. Sorry, no sweaty Ceddy pics. I don't think that jumping would've been a good idea. Here's a couple other pictures instead:

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