Friday, February 06, 2009

MOVIE: No Reservations

[I'm out of practice with the blogging, and I just need to write... so here we go]
Today after work, I quickly rushed to the library on Fee because I knew that they have a Great Great movie selection there (and this time, I discovered that they have an Abundance of Blu-Ray movies for rent) Anyways, I got there with 3 minutes to spare and grabbed No Reservations, a movie Jordan recommended when I was over last night to watch the Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (something I realized I've seen before).

After the library, I swung by and picked up the running club's mail then headed up US1. Traffic was slow and tricky, and I stopped by the natural foods store along the way. I've passed it so many times and was curious. It's basically a smaller Wild Oats. Prices are a bit high as expected, but if I did shop there, it'd be for the cause. Then I tried stopping by the Suntree/Viera library, but it didn't dawn on me that their times were the same, and it was closed.

Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a couple sets of locks for the gym -- oh, I signed up a couple days ago, after I weighed myself at work and found out that I've gained 10 pounds since the new year (thanks Camille). Anyways, once I got home today, I immediately changed in to running clothes, grabbed the ipod and one of the locks, and took the short way out of the neighborhood, right to the gym.

It was my first time there to work out, and I was excited but feeling patient -- I do have a race tomorrow morning. So I tested out the lock in the locker room and put my jacket and iPod in, then went to the second floor for a jog. I did 10 laps then took a break to stretch with the ProStretch they had there. Then I did another 10-ish laps (I lose count easily). I probably should've stretched a little more after that, but I wanted to be conservative this first visit there.

I was happy to be around a lot of other healthy-looking people there. I mean, there was a mix of young and old, aerobics and strength, this and that... it was nice to see diversity. And of course, there were a few looker, but I'm going to resist the urge to digress.

I weighed myself on the digital scale in the locker room and came in at 161 pounds. We'll just keep that on record and in my back pocket. I jogged home with some This American Life in my ear, and a little more experience with this whole gym world thing.

Anyways, I came home, and started watching the movie while I made dinner (salad with grilled chicken, pizza rolls, and baked french fries -- separately). The movie was a bit cliche but I was enjoying it... it wasn't the best, but it wasn't bad. Then halfway through, I put the movie on pause and went to take a shower.

I hooked up the iPod to the portable speaker and listened to more This American Life
-- they were talking about Keynesian economics, and I've also heard this particular report before... still good refresher. I had nearly all of the million things in my bathroom sorted by the end of the report, then I headed back to the living room to finish the movie.

The movie was predictable but did finish well. I do have to comment that this movie made me think more about what I look for in movies. For one thing, Aaron Eckhart was a reason I looked forward to seeing this movie, but here he plays the guy who's a little eccentric, verylife-knowledgeable, and never wrong. He's knows exactly what to say and what to do, and he's... not what I'm looking for... in a movie. I want to see flaws overcome, reasoning challenged, and potential growth in character -- and this guy was just a tool as far as I'm concerned.

The only other thing about this movie that I want to nit-pick about is its soundtrack. The film score's composer is Philip Glass. He also wrote the music for The Hours... and it was quite obvious, which made it a little weird for me because they're both very different types of movies -- one's a depressing period piece and the other's a chick flick. The other genres of music in this movie also eclectic and odd -- they relied Heavily on cliche operatic selections and also had some reggae?

It wasn't a bad film. I would actually say that it was a really good one for Catherine Zeta-Jones, but there were many little things about the movie that could've been improved upon.


I should be going to bed early. I still need to pack for Orlando. The plan for the weekend is: Saturday -- Tiger Dash 10K, shower and pack, Oviedo Toastmasters, visit with the pugs, then over to DHS to hopefully catch an AIE grand finale show; Sunday -- a quick spin around the world (MK,DHS,DAK/DAKL,EP) then home (so much to do).

Alright, time for bed.

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sisonymous said...

Nice blue jacket. I have one that looks like that - but in grey. blah.

I put No Reservations on my DVR to-do list. Think alike!