Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RUN: Home<-ss->Gym (elliptical)

[I find that it's easier to blog while things are fresh and when I'm still endorphinized.]

Anyways, I stayed a bit late at work today... maybe to make up for today's Toastmasters Contest (I didn't place)... but also maybe because I'm planning on heading up to SC tomorrow night to surprise my mom for her birthday.

[It's safe for me to post that here because she never reads this. On the other hand... Auntie Betty, I want to go visit you and Uncle William at Grand China at some point this weekend. (Mmm!)]

I made a quick stop by WM for labels to put on our TM E-Week giveaways next week. Then home, I finished up the running club's meeting minutes, and once again headed out to the gym -- my third or fourth day in a row!

I was there from 9:15pm-10:00pm and it was really sparse -- maybe 3 other people on the machines and another three doing weights or mat work... no one there for show. I skipped the laps for the elliptical/stair-strider thing. It was pretty cool because you could switch from high-knee stair action to graceful-antelope strides to something in between and change mid-stride/step... weird.

Anyways, I did that because I wanted low impact on my feet (I was feeling some pressure pain even on the way to the gym), I've already done a lot of bike this week, but I still wanted to watch American Idol (I Know!), and the smooth-motion elliptical seemed easy enough.

I did 2.00 miles in 23:10 and burned over 200 calories. And I watched many weirdos make it through to the Top 36 (Von Smith and Nick Mitchell really?!). I was not surprised but really happy about Brent Keith... yeah, Brent's a ringer, but they are so very nice to listen to and look at...

Brent Keith's Louisville audition:

Inside the 8-minute warning, I jogged a couple laps, ProStretched 2 sets on each foot, then jogged a couple more before heading home. It was a mildly cool, crisp, moonlit jog home. I really like having the gym so close to my house; it kind of reminds me of college days.

Well, now I will now take my shower then maybe have a little drink while I start to pack. And also maybe I can get to bed early tonight.

Sleep tight y'all.


UPDATE [2/15/09]: There's a report of some shadiness by the church Danny Gokey is associated with. Here's a LINK to the story at VFTW. And below is a video advertising the FaithBuilders International Ministries...
Yeah, wow... I really don't care for him anymore now.

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