Monday, February 16, 2009

RUN: Home<-ss->Gym (shoulder press)

Tonight, I came home and caught up on 30 Rock episodes then quickly changed and ran over to the gym before it closed. I was there from 9:15pm-9:45pm. I ran 2 1/2 upper laps, did 4 sets of ProStretch -- 2 reg, 2 Achilles (per foot), then ran another 5 laps. Then instead of bike or steps, I did 3 sets of 12 reps on the shoulder press machine (45#, 45#, 35#). I was probably doing them more rapidly than I should've but I had the breathing right. Then I did another 5 laps before heading back home. It was a little chilly outside -- more pronounced with the breeze. It was a nice evening to visit, though I should've started earlier.

I enjoy my visits to the gym because when I go, there's a clear purpose -- to sweat. All my worries become secondary, and it's a nice feeling to know that I'm doing something positive for my health.

Here's a few kitchen pics:

Anyways, it's a busy week at work, with Engineering Week (technical seminars), Toastmasters events, and deadlines approaching. I should probably get to that shower then get to bed early.

Cindy, I hope to get your package out by Saturday -- I'll 1-hr photo some prints I need to! (I need deadlines!). Then Karen, your letter is next!

Good night,

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