Saturday, February 28, 2009


It was after the race and the breakfast, and since I was already there...

When I got into DHS, it was only about 9:30am, so it wasn't too late for a TSMM FP -- I got 1:10pm-2:10pm (not bad); the SB line was at only 50 mins, and FP hadn't even started yet, so I was in. I started talking with the family from Louisiana behind me and paired up with their teenage son, saying that I'd sacrifice myself to get him a PR. We managed to get almost all of the easter eggs -- we got the barn, rainbow, tank! [which shoots out 5000pt gold-numbered plates], aliens, and should of gotten the targets. I had the trigger-speed advantage so I did end up with the higher score and 2nd highest of the day so far! (-- I could've easily taken first if I had really gone for the big points *shrug*.

Anyways, afterwards, instead of heading left, towards the Animation Courtyard, I headed over to the Streets of America and sat in and watched the High School Musical 3 show, and it was really great. The big blue sky backdrop was refreshing, and I really liked the girl in the ruffle skirt and long white socks -- her expressions came across beautifully. And the performers looked like a fun group.

Next, I booked it to the 11:00am AIE (first show of the day) and barely got a seat at the far-right end of a mid-row, which actually wasn't a bad view -- I could see the stage and the back screen without straining. Tom had just finished the warm-up, and the host was the same lady (I like her). Here's the line-up of performers:

  1. Alida Sanner -- Best of Both Worlds
  2. Perry Wilson -- Sweet Home Alabama
  3. Courtney Jans -- Hope You Dance

The girls were good and the guy was funny (I'm sensing a pattern). I voted for Courtney because she went for and got the big notes, and she won (pimp spot). The other two also did well, so it was a good show overall.

Asides from redeeming my TSMM FP, the only other thing that I wanted to see was live Inside ESPN broadcast (yes, because of John Anderson) but that was at 12:30pm, so I had to fill time. I decided to check out another ESPN-related show -- the 11:30am show of Dream Job the Experience, where three guests try their hand at color commentary given a shot sheet. Three sports celebrities would give their critique of the performances, and in the end, the winner would take home one of the oil-less infrared turkey fryers that was being demonstrated at the ESPN Sports Zone. The show gave me more insight to the ESPN production, and was another good example of how Toastmasters can help (I seriously need to get working on my last two speeches). Anyways, there was still a little more time to kill before Inside ESPN, so I rode The Great Movie Ride (it's been a while), and the CM was actually really good this time.

Okay, time for Inside ESPN, and I watched the entire show (JA was nice as always... very steady). And during the show Stuart Scott, his co-anchor, gave a demonstration of the difference between just reading a shot sheet and doing it again this time injecting some of his flair -- I just finished watching something similar (cool!) -- and what a difference personality makes. Anyways, their guest for the show was Kurt Warner, from the Phoenix Cardinals (and the 2009 Super Bowl). He seems like a very nice and well-spoken guy, but one of the anchors did bring up his strong Christianity. I'm not that religious, and it did seem out of place, but I was able to tolerate it -- though, when the overhead camera panned out, I saw a guy in a green jersey give the two thumbs down (Ha!).

After the show, I didn't wait for JA at the side of the stage (I am not a stalker). I just went over to Pixar Place to grab a Sprite (my throat was feeling a bit torn up for some reason) and to wait for my TSMM FP window -- about 10 minutes; it was a nice pause in the day. I talked with a couple from West Virginia behind me in line, and they made the trip over for the wife's birthday (leap day); they did the "Buy 4, Get 3 Free" special and opted for the Birthday FastPass, which they let me take a picture of. I ended up riding with another single-rider, and we didn't get any of the easter eggs :( but I somehow still managed 204,900 points (imagine if we had gotten the rainbow balloons and/or bin monster! *meh*).

After that, I was very tired but did want another autograph pad, so I headed down Sunset and to the ESPN Sports Zone. On the way back, I saw that the RnR SR line was inside the door, so I made a detour and rode it before heading to the exit. I was satisfied with this weekend's visits to the parks and honored my promise to myself to get home early.

The trip back into the parks after the race and breakfast wasn't as super-exciting as yesterday, but it was still very good. I really appreciate Disney putting together these special events. As much as we tend to downplay the idea, it really is important to find things to celebrate because you never know what opportunities will find you.

Pictures from the post-race/breakfast DHS visit can be found after the agenda:
Here's what I did this visit:

- 7:00am ESPN the Weekend 5K
  - chip 22:59, clock 23:01
  - overall 83/1450, male 71/753, age 15/120

- Garden Grove (Breakfast Buffet)

- [Toy Story Midway Mania FP]
- Toy Story Midway Mania SB 50/40mins (barn, rainbow, tank!, alien [, targets]; 230,400; 2nd overall!)
- 10:30am High School Musical 3: Senior Year
- 11:00am The American Idol Experience
- 11:30am Dream Job the Experience
- The Great Movie Ride
- 12:30pm Inside ESPN (John Anderson and Kurt Werner)
- Hey Howdy Hey Take Away (Sprite)
- Toy Story Midway Mania FP (no eggs; 204,900; no longer on the board; meh)
- ESPN Sports Zone
- Rock 'n' Rollercoaster SR

[HOME 3:30pm]

Right Here! Right Now!
The sign got changed back.
Courtney's moving on
Calling it as it is.
John Anderson!
Kurt Warner from the Phoenix Cardinals
look at the shape of the ice!
204,900 w/o opening any eggs
Yep, I left my key in the lock again...

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