Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JOURNAL: Good Day + FOOD: Middle East Aromas

Today was good day -- good was good because it started off a little serendipitously, then became steady and productive, then ended with a new experience and meeting some cool people.

This morning before I even made it in the gates, I helped a co-worker drop off his car to be repaired. On the out, we saw another co-worker arrive to work on her bike (I got a picture... stalker-ish, I know), and on the way back, I got a picture of four squirrel chillin' at a street corner -- a couple quirky moments.

Squirrels (you may have to look hard)

Next, work was quite fine. It was steady with many progressive trips down to the lab for testing and troubleshooting. I resolved an issue I've been looking at on-and-off for the past week, plus I was able to tinker with cabling and got some other testing accomplished. Woo, progress!

After work, I headed south to meet some people for dinner. On the way, I stopped by the post office in Downtown to pick up the running club's mail. In the stack of letters was a note for me from a race director thanking me for taking pictures at their race; that was totally unexpected and really thoughtful. And that was the moral boost I needed. I really does feel good to know explicitly that you're appreciated.

I had dinner with a friend from work, her husband, and some of his friends from work. We tried out Middle Eastern Aromas, near the Florida Tech Campus in Palm Bay. Half the shop was the restaurant and the other half was a specialty grocery store. It had a cozy feel, and it was very clean.

It was a really nice evening to meet new people. Adam's co-workers were really cool. They had out-going personalities and were also quirky-twisted, so we got along grand. We hit it off. It was an encouraging social experience when I really needed it.

The Lebanese food was really good -- I had the Houmos Delight as an appetizer, ordered the Garlic Chicken Pita as my meal (so nice and warm and crispy), and for dessert, had a couple Baklava Fingers. The food was amazing more than enough for me. And I was more than satisfied by this flavorful unique-in-Brevard food.

Houmus Delight
Garlic Chicken Pita
Baklava Fingers

Anyways, the moments, the progress, the food, the new cool people -- it was a good day.

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