Monday, May 04, 2009

GYM: Volleyball 2

Tonight after work, I came home, warmed up and ate leftover stuffed-mushrooms (homemade), and zombie-d out until it was time for volleyball at my local gym. I ran over just as everything was being set up, and it was another wonderful night.

There were 12 people this time (up from 8), and the mix was really good -- about even, girls to guys, and it was really fun because everyone was pretty nice and chill. Also, everyone there contributed a healthy personality, and there was a lot of smiling and clapping (so I'm happy). Overall, the scene was friendly, athletic, and encouraging to all that are open to it.

I treated myself to a G2 sports drink before heading home. The jog home was easy and steady and felt really good. I have a really good sweat going on and the jumping pic turned out really well.

I said it before, and I'll say it again -- that I may not be getting in the miles like I used to, but I'm enjoying how I'm staying active now. Actually, on my way home, I was craving some West Orange Trail (maybe this weekend).

Anyways, tonight has been very good. I'm very glad that I tried volleyball out last week, and I'm looking forward to Wednesday night.

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