Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GYM: More Volleyball

Volleyball was a little mixed tonight. There were about ten of us on the court for the most part; there were a couple visitors who played pretty well. And CBJ was there and provided some nice positive feedback, but there were a couple instances of reprimand by others that kinda stuck in my mind a bit. It'll just take some time. I was over-zealous at times, and it didn't help that I was having an off-night. My serving has actually improved a bit, but overall my game was inconsistent. There were a lot more balls that I should've dived for but that was part of the balance I was trying to achieve with not stepping into other people's territory.

In other thoughts, I wore the patterned ugly shorts, which are a bit snug. I did announce were in fact running shorts and not boxers.

I took the longer way home again -- ran the entire way -- strong and steady but not with as much crazy-good feelings as last time. S'alright.

Anyways, tonight wasn't stellar, but it was exercise and social. Here are the post-gym pics. Enjoy:

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