Monday, July 27, 2009

GYM: I-Don't-Like-Points Volley

Tonight's volleyball was interesting. At first I was a bit skeptical/pessimistic about the prospect, but after an adjustment of the cast, it was back to smiles and good cheer. There was also a new [familiar(?)] face -- a mystery unsolved... and I do say that I am intrigued. A couple grands feats and a hasty move tonight, and overall an interesting evening.
After work, I stopped by WM & Tgt in search of Pushing Daisies season 2 DVDs but ended up going home and ordering them online. Then, I made a bagel sandwich (turkey and ketchup) and it was time to go head over to the gym. I drove. (I know).

When I got there, the court had maybe twenty+ people on it, including a lot of newbies, many of the basketball variety... It was quickly decided that it'd be most fair to everyone if we played points. I don't like points (I don't like that pressure) but that was how it had to be to appease everyone and also bring down the numbers -- some people leave after a couple games.

Down to eighteen, the newbie-basketball players were still there. They were the type that insisted on promoting their machismo -- something I have a strong aversion to -- and for this, I had no problem sitting out a game or two.

The regulars soon put together a strong team and took game after game. Typically, I'd feel bad about the imbalance, but I needed to see those guys eat some humility.

By the second hour, the basketball players were gone, and we were down to fourteen. We stopped playing points. It was like the sky opened up, and the sun poked his head out, waved his hand, and said "Hi there".

It was regulars and semi-regulars. There was one new person there, and he was good. He had a really good attitude and was immediately comfortable to be with. When the two of us made introductions, he mentioned that we've actually met before (and that we'd talk later). I had an idea but couldn't've said for sure.

NFJ (my name for him at the moment) played for the near length of the session, but left 10 minutes early. I considered also excusing myself but I stayed on (chicken). Then at gym-close, I hurried out to the lobby then parking lot in the slight hope that I'd catch him, but I didn't.

Honestly, I'm intrigued and am looking forward to Wednesday for some answers. I know that there is no rush but my curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.

Anyways, as for the actual volleyball-playing, I did well tonight. I started off calm and quiet -- legs still sore from Saturday's run/walk -- and was able to make some nice digs and sets. By the second half, my legs were more loose, and having just friends around, was able to open up. It was a good night for volleys.

The skinny dude put up some good two-handed sets and did some softer, more focused hits. Susan and Vivi were serving spectacular as usual, and blood donor was there and actually stayed to the end. One of the bears set me up for my first really really solid spike, which landed hard and squarely on the baseline (WOO!), and in the last few points and as center, I ran a ball back and made a very solid set to the front line. It was a spectacular feeling.

I felt like I did get a little more focused than I'd usually want to, but I was glad that I do allow myself that sort of escape sometimes. I'm second-guessing my rushing out afterwards, but I supposed I can consider it a mini-mystery for the others to get a resolution to on Wednesday. I do look forward to then, when I'll have a better head on my shoulders and more courage to take the steps I really want to take.
Oh, as an update on other things, I will not be giving my canned speech at this Wednesday's TM meeting. I didn't bail. I gave up my spot to an eager new speaker. This also provides another TM the chance to practice giving an evaluation for the upcoming contest. Instead, I'll be giving my "Going Beyond Our Club" speech, from the Successful Club Series, in a couple weeks. My title for it will be "Let's Go Sailing". I'll be wearing me pirate dreadlocks and calling me-self Captain Jack Sbarro.

"Me pilfer flattened bread dough spread with a savory mixture -- usually including tomatoes and cheese and often other toppings and baked. That's right... I'm a pizza pie-rate."
[wait for laughter]

Then I'd go on and tell them that I'd usually take them on a journey of the seven seas, but because of the time constraint, I'm only going to show them three... "C's"... then briefly talk about the Club Ambassador Program, Contests, and finally the upcoming Conference... (get it?).

I'm also going to pass out prizes booty: some Cracker Jacks, a box of Chips Ahoy, and a bottle of ye [Ginger] Ale -- yes, I bribe my audience.

Anyways, so I have a couple more weeks to develop the script and also to exercise me scratchy throat. Speaking like a pirate ain't so easy.
That's about it. It's nearly midnight, and I still need to snack and shower. We've got someone from site at the office, and I think we're going out to eat or something tomorrow after work. Until then, here is tonight's sweaty ceddy pics...

... and a pics from a 0.2-mile run on Sunday -- turned the corner, saw lightning, and turned back:

Still, I made a good sweat. It counts.

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