Monday, July 20, 2009

GYM: Safety Second Volleyball

[I already spent too much time working on the "A/C Fix" post, so this entry will have to be kinda "dirty" in the proof-reading sense.]

Tonight's volleyball was... eh. I mean, CBJ was there along with my other +R src, but there was an odd sense of underwhelm for me. Maybe it was because Susan was the only female on the court, and that balance was whacked. Maybe it was the mix of experienced and rookie players. Or maybe it was a pandemic case of the Mondays.
There was a lot of bad communication tonight -- in calling for and not calling for the ball, but everyone behaved for the most part. I did good with the serving, okay with the digging, and fair with everything else. I did get one really good spike tonight. Overall, my energy to run for odd balls and my focus was a bit off tonight, but I did have some fun... it was practice, and it was for the love of the game.

The familiars game me good +r about my play, and I get a good sense that my company is enjoyed -- it's a very nice feeling. In the shower at home, I was thinking about how I do try to go out and try new things, and how I do happen to find some spectacular people that way -- like with the Space Coast Runners, Toastmasters, and in Orlando. I feel very lucky in that way. And I have some fantastic friends.

Anyways, it's past my bedtime. G'night :)

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