Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GYM: Run To Volley

Okay, tonight was much much better than Monday. There wasn't too much volleying (as competitive play would have [i.e., w/"bump, set, spike"s]) but it was still fun. There were 20+ people there, so we split into teams of 6, played points, and rotated. I teamed with the group of regulars (Kirk [not DHS Kirk], Cara, Susan, Little Josh, and CBJ plus MI girl), and we tore through our early games. Another team was equally "stacked" and won most of the later matches, but it was actually nice having a breaks to just hang out with my team -- I really like them.
In other happenings, "Larry Craig" (the guy I accidentally kicked a ball at three weeks ago) was there and tried to make words with me right from the start again, trying to lecture me about safety. I was thinking "seriously?" -- I asked him last week if he was alright, and he verbally told me that everything was copacetic. I did figure him as the type to harbor unnecessary grudges, and I just walked away from him as he was trying to dig into me.

I had similar attitude directed towards me at this morning's TM officers meeting. I made a small suggestion and was swiftly chastised. This person is known for not handling any semblance of criticism well. But it was no less scary. Had I been more frazzled, I could've either flown or fought, but instead I just waited until afterwards to go back to my office and vent decompress -- I know that it would've been more respectable for me to just talk with her afterwards, but all scenarios I ran through my head ended badly.

Getting back to the gym... there was some discussion afterwards about how some the staff had acted particularly curt recently and especially tonight. I'm naive when I want to be, and I supposed I'd like to keep the happy-bunny-world filter a little longer. I'm letting the others handle this one.

Wow, the last three paragraphs kinda looks like one big critical whiny complaint-chain, but the day really wasn't bad. I brought a box of Banana Nut Cheerios and a mug of lite organic soy milk to work and nearly finished the entire box (it was really that good).

Plus, for lunch, there was free leftover breakfast foods from a customer visit. Free food is good motivation.

Anyways, Friday's Sweets Night is up-in-the-air since my office mate was out-of-plant after breaking her wrist when she got hit by a car. But other plans for the weekend are slowly coming together. I'm looking forward to the prospect of some beach volleyball with friends on Saturday, and so maybe a Disney day on Sunday... but I do have a speech to prepare for next Wednesday (*argggh ye mateys*). It just might be yet another Melbourne weekend...

Either way, it's going to be nice and productive. And to be productive tonight, I'm going to post some sweaty ceddy pics below, jump into the shower, then head to bed. It's almost past my bedtime.


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sisonymous said...

I will bring my box of BN cheerios for you. I tried them but decided they do fit my I-don't-eat-banana-flavored-food category.