Saturday, August 01, 2009

RUN: 2.96 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->WM+stores, Melbourne, FL

Today, I woke up, made breakfast/lunch (eggs), finished up yesterday's trip report, set off some bug bombs, then went to go see the latest Harry Potter. I came home, mowed the lawn, went for a run, made dinner, then caught up on the latest episode of Big Brother.
A few thoughts:

  • Roast beef is not a particularly good omelet filler.
  • I get a good sense of accomplishment from posting a Disney trip report.
  • Bug bombing is not that difficult; I just need to air it out for longer afterwards.
  • The lastest Harry Potter really is about who's snogging who (unbelievable).
  • I'm really not liking my lawnmower or trimmer (and Troybilt can just suck it).
  • I can make it two miles now without really having to walk (yay!).
  • The Contessa Tangerine Pork meal kit is really simple but delicious.
  • Jessie is a self-delusional hollow punk.

    Wow, that was kind of A.D.D...

    Anyways, I went out for the run just after dark. Thankfully the bugs weren't out yet. I planned on running the mile to WM and back, but remembering that my sisters were running a half-marathon this weekend, I decided to add on the extra mile.

    And I felt good for the most part, running the first mile solid. For the second mile, I ran with a couple of pauses. And for the last mile, I had to walk quite a bit, but this time I felt like I was getting there physically. I just had some motivation issues. Still, it was better than my last time out.

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