Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GYM: Just Volleyball

I'm in "forever catch-up" mode... keep having ideas for things to write about and not enough time to get myself settled enough to put the words down.

Anyways, this post is just to record this week's volleyball-ing.

Monday (9.30.09): after work, I helped out at a Toastmasters contest and was a bit late in getting to the gym (8:30pm). There were about 20 people there, and this did not include the annoying kids from last week, and all was calm for the most part.

The Regulars already had a team together, and I joined up with an all-girl squad. There was nothing too memorable of the evening except for the time one of the new girls on my team scolded me for "being in her space" (seriously?). I didn't rush to react, and I later got a "nice job handling that" from another girl on the team... apparently the other girl is notoriously... um... not un-crazy.

Whatever. Afterwards, the Regulars went to Uno's for happy hour and snacks, and it was really fun. They are a great group of active and conscious people. Here are a few pictures from:

LJ helping Vivi ride the two-wheeled skateboard

Kirk with a couple orders of Uno's Pizza Skins

Greg and his hangover-inducing non-alcoholic Lemonade

My order of Buffalo Wings

It was a long but good day.

Wednesday (9.30.09): I quickly mowed my lawn after work then headed to the gym nearly on time. Walking down the hallway to the court, I saw the really annoying kid from last week and the scoldy, screamy girl from Monday. We had another 18 people there, so three teams in rotation. Having gotten there early enough, I managed to get in with the Regulars. And once we started, we pretty much dominated the evening, winning every one of the games. Of the other two teams, one was calm, and the other was dominated by a lot of donkeys.

With half-an-hour left, the numbers was down to fourteen, and Susan suggested that we stop playing for points and have the two extra players just rotate in. Screamy girl objected. I couldn't contain myself -- I was calmly but assertively sassy bitch on her. The behavior of her and a couple other annoying kids on that team drove some of the remaining people away.

Eventually Screamy girl left (whew!) and the other two annoying kids (sorry, no nicknames for them yet) were gone. There were eight people left, and we just played 4-on-4 and had a very nice time. Ruffled from this evening's superfluous noise and being the busy people that we were, we didn't got out to Uno's afterwards. I think that everyone just needed a night off.

My game play was s'alright tonight... a couple missed serves, but otherwise had gotten on a few really strong runs for points on serve.


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