Tuesday, September 22, 2009

JOURNAL: Still trying to get back into the habit.

It'll take some time to get back in the habit of posting. The mass of photos is intimidating and life's forever busy. Anyways, I did want to mention some random mentions:

  • yeah, I didn't go to either one of last Saturday's Area Contests for Toastmasters. I slept in and then focused on planning a multi-stop shopping-with-coupons excursion; and it was successful.
  • in procrastinating the speech I should I had to do for this Wednesday, I did manage to setup my computer's backup. I don't think that it's working but the sentiment and effort was there. Also, my car got a couple new tramp stamps... an SCR decal and I replaced my Clemson license plate frame with a "Love the Land" (i.e., Disneyland) frame.
  • last Friday, I rearranged my desk and bookshelves at the office so that it doesn't face the hallway. I figured that it'd be less distracting, I'd have better access to my whiteboard, and I just needed a change. So far, so good.
  • volleyball was okay last night. I did too many cat-jumps for the ball (where the ball was too high for me to should've tried). there were some serious donkeys on the court heckling (seriously?). happy hour with the regulars afterwards was a lot of fun. once I got home, I passed out on the couch while watching a S2 ep of Mad Men.
  • catching back up on S2 of Mad Men this evening, I'm definitely intrigued with Salvador, then I realize that that character's wife, Kitty, is played by Bianca from Wonderfalls (ep. Karma Chameleon); that actress is great!
  • the sign-up sheet for this week's Toastmasters meeting was sparse, so I sent out an email with a challenge with homemade rice crispy treats as the bribe reward. It worked. I'll still be pulling double-duty but food has a way of keeping things light.

    Alright, this is enough for now. I have a bill to pay and a letter to finish and send out before bed. G'night.



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