Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RUN: 2.00 miles @??:??, Home<-LL->WM (TheraFlu), Melbourne, FL

Tonight, I made another literal run to Wal-Mart -- this time for some TheraFlu and some ear buds. Honestly, my throat started killing me once I headed home from work. As for the ear buds, I'd just misplaced all of the ones I have. Usually, ear buds run for $10, but there were two that happened to be marked down to $5... good timing I suppose. As for the TheraFlu, I brought a coupon.

The weather was nice. Not as chilly at this weekend, but nice and calm. I intended on running to the Avenue light and back but decided just to head home. 2 miles is good enough for today. I ran 2 miles yesterday at the Merritt Island ProHealth HealthPlex last night after the SCR board meeting.

Anyways, today at work, Fischer was in the office with me and my officemate Kendal when another coworker came in and started throwing bubble gum at us. He hit Kendal directly in the eyeglass lens -- if she was wearing contacts today, she would've had a serious eye injury. But that's not the end. He proceeded to aim for Fischer and my faces.

Fischer then went off on him -- not only for hitting Kendal, but for the overall childish behavior this other coworker was exhibiting -- and forcefully told him to get out of the office... which was something he of course didn't do... seriously, what a d**chebag (and Fischer called him that to his face).

I was pretty calm about it before, but in retrospect, I'm pretty angry about it. That type of behavior (which includes the persistence) should not be tolerated. Perhaps my complaining here comes as part of my procrastination of preparing for tomorrow's speech. But seriously, the guy was a total d**che.

Anyways, I took a TheraFlu packet in some hot water, and my throat's still not feeling right. I'm going to take a long hot shower then get back on this speech.

I'll post pictures from the run later on.

[reserved for running pics]


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