Sunday, January 17, 2010

RUN/WOG: 3.27 miles @28:05, Viera Wetlands, Viera, FL

Today, I went out for my first run since the Goofy last weekend. I figured, I was in town today, and I should run. It was very windy outside (couldn't listen to the iPod). It was also mildly chilly, so I was coughing, otherwise nice weather. I basically ran an outer loop and an inner loop. I was just dehydrated from drinking so much coffee this morning. I visited a friend who was in town. We had breakfunch at Grills Seafood Restaurant in Port/Cape Canaveral.

Yesterday, I had Toastmasters Training in Orlando, then went to the teahouse for dinner, visited the pugs at Pom's, then drove back up to the Enzian to catch the mid-showing of A Single Man.

Friday, I had a park day -- primarily to use up a DisneyQuest ticket. I went to DHS beforehand -- busy at first then crowds Really lightened up. Afterwards, I visited MK to take pictures of the drained moat around Cinderella's Castle. I also rode Carousel of Progress with the guy who was riding it for 11hrs that day to celebrate its 35th anniversary (got my picture taken with him!). Asides, I rode the WDW Railroad and Big Thunder... that's it. I did watch fireworks from the Joe Potter, and again my camera batteries retracted just as the final burst of fireworks were being shot off.

Anyways, the run today was fine. I stopped by Target afterwards to pick up some water and oranges... then ended up buying lunch/dinner (summer salad and potato wedges) and a lot of frozen foods (mostly some variation of french fries). Now, I'm going to take a shower then perhaps head into the office for a few hours. In addition, I have a couple emails to send out and a speech to prepare... canned... fun... (not sure if that's sarcasm). Busy busy busy.

I'll put up pics at some other point in the future. I don't want to procrastinate this post.

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